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Wuji Wellness is about cultivating your boundless wellness, rejuvenation, and spiritual connection. We do this by focusing on three main areas: internal martial arts such as Tai Chi, the spiritual practice of KUNLUN™ System, and a collection of Healing Therapies.

Wuji is two Chinese Characters mean "boundless" and, "infinite" and is what exists before the Tao forms Tai Chi (Yin/Yang). Much like a stem cell can be shaped to form any cell in your body so Wuji is that symbol of potential for all things to come.

We are sincere in our cultivation and sincere in guiding others in our shared journey of self-rediscovery and mastery.

Are you ready to achieve your boundless possibilities? Get in touch with us today for a free consultation!


Take your first step at our Wuji Wellness Classes!

Our classes are small and flexible - giving you personal attention and instruction in our techniques.

Experienced instruction is available in internal martial arts, KUNLUN™ System, and our healing therapies.

Email us to reserve your space at our next session.


The Chinese Lion Dance symbolizes the act of driving away evil spirits, while bringing good luck and prosperity to businesses and events.

We are always looking for new members to join us in a physically challenging workout that is fun, lively, and unique.

Membership is free; we charge no dues or tuition. If you are interested, please contact us.


We are the respected leader in the East Valley when it comes to teaching Tai Chi/Chi Kung to active adults.

You can find us at most Las Palmas Active Adult Communities.

Contact us to schedule a workshop for your community, or to discover the many benefits of our Active Adults program!


Keep your Qi flowing at home with Sifu Quang Lam's new DVD! Learn 3 simple, yet powerful QiGong Sets to awaken your chi and keep energized all day long.  You can do all three back to back or pick which set that you wish to do.

This 20 minute video is a great way to start your day, or turn your lunch break into a quick rejuvenation session! Available at any of Sifu's classes, or get your copy now for just $40 + SH!


Bruise Liniment ( Dit Da Jiao ) is a customized blend of herbs that is the number one remedy for bruises and physical trauma of all kinds. It is rubbed into the skin and is known for its ability to heal bruises, sprains and strains, carpal tunnel inflammation, shin splints and other injuries. Unlike many products that just offer short term relief, Dit Da Jiao helps your body heal faster.

Sifu Quang Lam makes his homemade blend available at classes, and now online as well. $30 + SH for a 4 oz bottle.


The average person by the age of 40 has an estimated 10 to 20 pounds of hard compacted fecal matter lodged in their intestinal tract. The human intestinal tract is 25 to 30 feet in length and if you cut it open and spread it out, the surface area is the size of a tennis court.

Oxy-Powder® contains a unique combination of ozone-oxygenated Magnesium, Organic Germanium-132 and Citric Acid to help clear out deep-seated waste inside your intestinal system.



QiGong Meditation
Tuesday weekly 7PM to 8PM

Melting Heart Boutique
702 W Camelback Rd #12,
Phoenix, AZ
Cost: Love donation only (suggestion $15)

Healing QiGong
Wednesday weekly 12PM to 1PM

East Valley Bikram Yoga
1011 N Val Vista Dr, Ste 106,
Gilbert, AZ 85234
Cost: $10

Healing Meditation
Thursday weekly 6PM to 7PM

East Valley Bikram Yoga
1011 N Val Vista Dr, Ste 106,
Gilbert, AZ 85234
Cost: $10

QiGong Recharge for Self-Care
"Cultivate the healer in you through simple everyday practices."

"Came into class with no knowledge of Qigong and left feeling great about what I learned!  [Quang] was very knowledgeable & made class fun :-).  - Kimberly

"Great personality & easy going.  Creates a light environment providing a great learning environment..." - Katrina



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