Corporate Wellness Programs

Companies know that healthy workers are more creative and productive than burned out workers. This makes the need for corporate wellness more important than ever.

At Wuji Wellness, we provide on-site workshops, seminars, and regular classes on stretching, meditation, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Tea Meditation designed especially for Corporate America.

It is dynamic, easy to remember, and fun to learn. Our innovative program targets common problems for those working with computers and other modern lifestyles or work environments: carpal tunnel, back pressure, neck strain, body tightness, and mental stress/fatigue.

Rejuvenating stretching, guided meditation, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Tea Meditation are the ergonomic programs in our holistic Corporate Wellness Program. Each class is customized to address the unique issues and interests of your employees.

The benefits include but not limited to

  • Improved stress and pain management
  • Improved mental alertness/creative/intuitive thoughts
  • Improved energy/mood
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved blood pressure
  • Improved bone density
  • Improved properly weight and body tune gently
  • Improved healthy heart
  • Improved your body nature detox system

These are proven exercises that have been used for thousand of years to stay in shape or regain their ideal health that they lost.

Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical school had conduct research that support this fact.  Oprah,  Dr Oz, and Dr Andrew Weil endorsed Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

Corporate Tai Chi & Chi Kung

Tai Chi & Chi Kung are slow, continuous, and mindful movements that lubricate your joints and tendons, normalize your heart rate and circulation, improve balance, and increase your life force (Chi, Ki, or Mana). Their root is martial arts.

Corporate Stretch

Stretching is important in any physical activities but it is equally important to get energy moving after long periods in repetitive task or sitting at a desk. Si Gung Zhu taught Quang some of the best stretches. Many students introduced to it cannot stop talking about how powerfully and quickly it works to lessen wrist, hand, arm, and shoulder pain. It is great for office aches, tennis elbow, and other upper body discomforts.

Tashi (Quang) also researched and studied several stretching methods and found Fascial Stretch Therapy™  (FST™), a unique system of therapy and training that dramatically improves flexibility by lengthening your fascia. FST™ was created by Ann and Chris Frederick

Corporate Meditation

The benefits of meditation are no longer a mystery. It is talked about, researched, and approved by the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, and other highly recognized medical professionals to help deal with stress and health problems caused by stress.

The Corporate Meditation taught and practiced by Wuji Wellness is Taoist in foundation. It is more physical than most meditation because you are really learning to control your breathing, your body, and your mind. It is a deeper practice physically and mentally for spiritual, energetic, mental, and physical cultivation.

There are many levels to meditation, but the core is learning how to breathe correctly, how to quiet the mind, how to see the world with a quiet mind and, how to move energy within our body with our mind.

Tea Meditation

Our tea meditation is based on Chinese Gong Fu tea ceremony. It is unique meditation where the tea awakens your sense of smell, taste, touch, and sight on the outside. While it warms your mouth and stomach on the inside as well as awaken/energize your spirit with a calm alert as it connects body, mind, and spirit. The inner warm will also moves your lymphatic system and improve digestion and elimination.

Chinese Gong Fu tea is more relaxing experiences than Japanese tea ceremony. Lively conversations are encouraged while reflecting on what each tea is reviewing to you. Some people can sense the energy right away, others may take a while. But in the end, all spirits are lifted with pure joy and calmness.

We mainly service a rare high quality and all natural Fenghuang Dancong (Phoenix Single Bush) Oolong tea. It is grown and roasted by my family in an ancient China tea village. The village is called Fenghuang or Phoenix.

The benefits of Oolong Tea include but not limited to

  • Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease.
  • Helps Fight Obesity and Promote Weight Loss.
  • Lowers Risk of Cancer.
  • Diabetes Prevention.
  • Improved blood pressure
  • High in Disease-Fighting Antioxidants.
  • Decreases Inflammation.
  • Supports a Healthy Brain.
  • Prevents Bone Loss.

Corporate Motivational Speech

Are you looking for new way to motivate and energize your workers?

We have exceptional martial arts masters, who train and live their art daily. They have stories with live demonstrations to inspire your workers. The principales and values transfer to any business environment and can be tailored to your organization.

Interested in bringing the benefits of Wuji Wellness to your Business or Corporate Community? Contact us for a quote.

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"Quang came to our company and taught us Tai Chi movements that relieved our office aches in a few easy steps. He is amazing."
—Eddie Johnson.
"I never realized how important breathing is in helping to manage stress and pain. Thanks Quang."
—Kathy A.