KUNLUN™ System

KUNLUN™ System is created by Max Christensen from all of his Taoist Masters' teaching in his journey. It is truly unique and powerful. If you want to learn a simple system with fast result, this is what you should learn and stay focus on. It is the most powerful system that I had ever encounter. I am forever grateful to Max for share this teaching with me and enable me to share it with other through his apprenticeship program.

KUNLUN™ System is a self-awakening water method that will activate and develop your dormant DNAs by purifying any physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blockages. Depending on your needs, you may unwind like cranial sacral balancing therapy; and/or you may experience emotional release like Cranial and Lymphatic Drainage. With sincerely practice, it will rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. It will return you to your child-like innocent by recharging you with vitality. It will help you reach your highest self.

This KUNLUN™ System Level I consist of one breath, I-Jong/Five Elements Standing Postures, KUNLUN™ Method, Red Phoenix Level One, Golden Flower, and other fun tools.

This practice will enhance any energy healers and internal martial artists. But it is not recommend for anyone who have less than 1 yr of sobriety, are Bi-polar, have blood cancer or are under 18yrs. It is advisable to practice with a certified KUNLUN™ Apprentice to prevent any chi sickness or other issues from practicing it wrong or too much.

For more info on the KUNLUN™ System and its founder Max, please visit www.primordialalchemist.com.

"I've been studying Kung Fu with Quang for years - he's the best"
—Justin C.
"My car accident left me with broken bones all over my body. Quang able to help me walk correctly again after learning Tiger Crane - he is amazing"
—Jessie D.
"I had a stroke that left me with limit control of my body. After studying a year with Quang, my recovery is further along than just the doctor prescribe Physical Therapy."
—Larry C.
"I had trained with other school and each workout left me too tired to enjoy my family after class. I thought that was the norm. But training with Quang, I get a great workout and more energy to help my wife with our kids after class. Internal way of moving is such a different. Thanks for showing me the better way."
—Jacob M.