Tai Chi / Chi Kung

Tai Chi means "Grand or Supreme Energy." White Crane Tai Chi has similar moves their cousin Tai Chi like Chen and Yang. But has its own unique moves that distinct it from other styles. It has great health benefits as well as martial skills behind it. We can focus both or one depending on the students' need. But we as a school focus on both.

White Crane modified Yang Tai Chi is the first set to be taught. This set is short and slow so the students can learn the basic of Tai Chi while mastering the deeper meanings. One way to master this form is to perform it in the same slow speed through the whole set.

Pushing hands and Standing posture will be taught along with the first Tai Chi set. Pushing hands teaches and test your sensitivity as well as your mind and ego to see if you can be soft throughout. Standing postures will develop your root, legs, and body structure.

The advance White Crane Tai Chi sets are for developing high, low, fast, slow combinations in one set. These sets are very beautiful to watch and feel extremely blissful to perform.

"I've been studying Kung Fu with Quang for years - he's the best"
—Justin C.
"My car accident left me with broken bones all over my body. Quang able to help me walk correctly again after learning Tiger Crane - he is amazing"
—Jessie D.
"I had a stroke that left me with limit control of my body. After studying a year with Quang, my recovery is further along than just the doctor prescribe Physical Therapy."
—Larry C.
"I had trained with other school and each workout left me too tired to enjoy my family after class. I thought that was the norm. But training with Quang, I get a great workout and more energy to help my wife with our kids after class. Internal way of moving is such a different. Thanks for showing me the better way."
—Jacob M.